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Lifted 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ










Silverado 1500


59,793 Miles

Body Type

4D Crew Cab




EcoTec3 6.2L V8




10-Speed Automatic

Exterior Color

Silver Ice Metallic

Interior color

Jet Black Leather

With this one, the trailer park boys at Off-Road King were given a task, a mission if you will. The parameters of this mission were to put together a build for a half ton Chevy that would maximize ride quality, while also increasing the suspension capabilities. Capable of what you may ask? Allow me to direct your attention north of our fair borders of the Great Nation of Texas to the majestic wilderness of Oklahoma highways and biways that will test any vehicle beyond its intended purposes every second it spends in the confines of the state line. They keep it real up there by incorporating the natural ruggedness of the landscape into the roads. It's a feature, not a flaw. Our customer on this build spends quite a bit of time in the land of bottomless pot holes and used needles so we set out to achieve a plush ride, ground clearance, reliability and look reallllllly badass. Let's see how we did.LONG LIVE THE KING! In this case, a coilover conversion up front from King Shocks that works in conjunction with Superlift's 6″ suspension lift kit. What's a King Shock or what's a coilover you may be asking? Well, King Shocks are part of the royal monarchy of suspension and they rule over all the width and breadth of the aftermarket suspension landscape. They are legendary. They are regal and rugged. They are made to go fast and suck up whatever terrain mother Earth throws at it. And a coilover is basically a shock body with a coil spring around it. This specific set is tuned for this lift application and truck weight to ensure performance both on road and off. They're made to do off-road race shit and King is at the top of the pile in that arena. Fight me. And to be more specific these are the reservoir coilovers and rear shocks that have a cool ass knob on them to adjust the dampening for more firm or more soft depending on the terrain and speed. That's right, a knob to make something hard or soft. Do what you wan't with that.Another item in suspension modification that is less visible but truly makes a difference in ride quality for vehicles with rear leaf springs comes in the form of a pair of Sulastic Shackles. These suckers are born and bred in the Lone Star State and what they do is dampen the vibrations by using a big ass rubber bushing in a replacement leaf spring shackle to suck up the bad vibes that the surface of the Earth is throwing your way man. They mellow things out. They're a chill pill for your rear suspension. They're like, medicinal. You should try some man, I'm not trying to preach or anything but if you take a couple hits from Sulastic Shackles, it could change your perception of the world around you.Did we do anything else to it? WE SURE DID! Allow your eyes to feast upon the frontish bumperish area of this unit. Notice anything different? You can see EVERYTHING up there. Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination. This is a prerunner front bumper from Dirt King Fabrication. These guys live and breath off-road paraphernalia and the quality of their products reflects their dedication to their craft. This bumper setup provides a ton of ground clearance up front as well as a beefy skidplate to help tackle the ravines, washouts and craters in the road associated with making a quick trip to a gas station in Oklahoma.I'm sure you're wondering about the wheel and tire setup. Well please allow me to introduce you to the Fuel Off-Road Rebel in black on black on black. 18×9 with -12 offset and poked out even further with the assist of some 2″ wheel spacers. This girl has stance for days with the prerunner look. To help chew through the wild wooly wilderness encountered in such mundane tasks such as going to the post office or petting zoo, we have the 35″ Nitto Trail Grappler M/T's. These bad boys are tried and true to carry you hither and thither no matter the obstacle. They are 10 ply and built to handle all the rocks, dirt, sticks, mud and bodies one may encounter.

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